Truyard 65cm Chipper Mulcher Model No CM65150 Electric Motor

he perfect machine for turning garden waste into rich mulch, the Truyard CM65 is a versatile, dual function mulcher-chipper that is an absolute must for any garden. Powered by a 1.5Kw Electric Motor Truyard CM65 is able to turn large branches up to 65mm, leaves, manure, palm, newspapers, kitchen waste or even hay, all into nutrient rich mulch. Engineered for uncompromising performance, the CM65 is ready to take on all your garden or home waste, not only providing nutrient rich mulch, but also transforming your garden providing a year-long green waste disposal method.

Unlike other machines on the market, the Truyard CM65 allows for both the high quality chipping of larger branches up to 65mm, but also the smaller garden waste that would otherwise be left in the garden. Fitted with a self-feed action, an all welded steel frame, and strong wheels the CM65 will save you enormous amounts of time and space with the need for only one machine compared to the other, less versatile machines. FREE LOCAL DELIVERY